Hotel/Motel Industry

Many hotel and motel owners may lack the cash flow needed to pay for business expansion projects without compromising their ability to do business with customers. In the hotel/motel industry, Modern design trends, real estate accommodation features and required facilities are always changing. With our financing options, you can finally expand your Bed & Breakfast business or upgrade the facilities at your hotel or motel and so much more!

Restaurant Industry

Peak Solutions Group has experience working with the restaurant industry and understands the needs of this type of business. Whether you wish to open a new restaurant or expand your restaurant business to new locations, upgrade existing infrastructure or simply expand your menu options for which you need to hire more staff, we have a loan financing option that can help you meet your goals.

Liquor Store Industry

An independent liquor store faces a tougher than ever business climate and must be able to make positive business decisions quickly.Even in a tough economic climate, your liquor store can grow quickly and steadily with the right cash flow. Our funding solutions are designed to give you the cash you need when you need it, so you can make the best decisions for your liquor store business and do so quickly.

Automotive Industry

Funding your automotive business through a Merchant Cash Advance helps to keep your business running smoothly.The automotive industry can be as challenging as it diverse, and getting clients the services they need – quickly – is a top priority. Whatever your automotive goals or needs, we have the right cash advance lending solution to help you get there on time, every time.

Bar/Nightclub Industry

Bars & nightclubs are a key part of the entertainment industry that faces many challenges including getting the finances they need to fund a sustainable operation.With our alternative loan options, bars, and nightclub owners will be able to do that and much more as they access the money they need to move with the trends and add features to their businesses that will help them grow from strength to strength.

Health Care Industry

Healthcare businesses are no different from other businesses in their requirements to get working capital.With our financing options, healthcare industry business owners can access care resources and supplies – like medicine and testing apparatus – when they need them so they can keep their healthcare practice or business providing the best in healthcare services for your clients.

Retail Industry

Retail businesses often have a hard time acquiring funding, Peak Solutions specializes in supplying rapid financing to small businesses. Acquiring funding in the retail industry can mean the difference between being able to quickly restock in-demand goods or have customers go elsewhere. Our funding solutions will help retail business owners access the goods they need for their stores when they need them as well as embark on other projects like updating building infrastructure to improve accessibility.

Trucking Industry

Trucking companies may need to secure capital but may find it hard to find the right lender.Thanks to the need to traverse the nation’s road and do so quickly and safely while moving goods from one location to the next, the operating costs of a trucking business are often high-risk. It takes maintaining a steady cash flow to get it all done and sometimes a little extra help is required. Our alternative lending solutions are here to help keep you maintain that cash flow and keep your business running smoothly.

Business Services

As a service business flourishes and expands, the need for working capital will grow along with it.